Shanghai Boilerman Thermal Engineering Co. Ltd
Shanghai Boilerman Thermal Engineering Co. Ltd

Shanghai Boilerman Thermal Engineering Co. Ltd abbrev. “BOILERMAN”, provide customers with One-Stop solutions to both planned and immediate marine boiler services, repairs, spare parts, and combustion / automation repairs. The company specializes in various makers’ steam and hot-water generating boilers as well as thermal fluid heating systems, together with their combustion and automation systems, sourcing or producing all necessary parts to fulfill any services or repairs request.

Business Fields

  • Boiler Repairs
  • Voyage Repairs
  • Burner & Automation Service
  • Heat Exchanger Repairs
  • LSGO conversions
  • Spare Parts

“BOILERMAN” provides turnkey repair, maintenance, upgrade and conversion of various types of auxiliary and exhaust gas boilers. The company has accomplished hundreds of boiler repairs of various makers and sizes and their database of boiler and heating systems drawings hold the manufacturing drawings for more than 500 boilers.


Inspection is to be carried out by specialists at short notice to have a clear overview of the boiler system and an Assessment report is to be made in written to propose suitable service/repair options to customers. Technical Engineering on design and thermal/mechanical calculations is very important in order to make sure Class accepts the repair proposal prior to start of the repairs.

Prefabrication of pressure parts / components in workshop and sourcing of materials / spare parts should be on time to prevent possible delay of job on site. Enough class certified materials and spares in stock are very helpful when emergent repairs occur.

Job execution during voyage or in harbor requires careful preparation of tools / gear and mobilization of skilled technicians to ensure the entire repair workmanship and welding procedures are carefully fulfilled.

Inspection / Assessment, Tech Engineering, Workshop Prefabrication, Job Execution are the four-step processes for a turnkey repair or conversion job. Alternatively each step can also stand alone when needed.


In order to avoid losing cargo or delay, BOILERMAN is ready to send repair riding squads to travel with the vessels and undertake even complex repair jobs during voyage in consideration of the vessels sail plan. While repair is in progress, installation of bypass around exhaust gas boilers to keep the vessel operational constantly.



BOILERMAN provides services to various makes of marine burners and control  & combustion systems. Our automation specialists perform inspections, troubleshooting, maintenance, service, upgrades, conversions, installations and personnel training.All jobs are carried out with thorough instruction of the personnel together with a full report containing a description of the work executed, condition of the heating system and advice for maintenance. Design, calculations and modification drawings are conducted by our experienced automation engineers to ensure smooth execution procedures.


BOILERMAN offers solutions to upgrade burners and fuel lines enabling them to comply with 2005/33/EU, CARB and IMO ECA requirements.

The variety of applications, with different burner makes (Aalborg, Hamworthy, Volcano, Saacke, Sunflame, Weishaupt, Oilon etc), one or two orup to three burners per boiler, has led to a very versatile design on LSGO conversions. Particularly those systems designed to operate mainly on low grade HFO should be carefully examined in order to verify if any modifications or replacement are necessary for safe long-time operation. Modification on fuel lines is always subject to class approval, wherefore the change-over is not only a technical matter, but requires solution approval and survey of the installation.


Essential to the boiler repair and services, BOILERMAN offers the following broad range of spare parts with fast delivery and competitive prices.

- Boiler tubes both carbon and alloy: plain, swaged, preformed, swirlyflo, spiral, pinned tubes.

- Tube with extended surfaces: Steel “H” finned tubes, Spiral finned tubes.

- Tube plates: plain, dish-ended tube plates up to 50mm thick

- Furnaces: corrugated furnace, furnace dome(spherical or crown type)

- Headers, drums, membrane wall panel.

- Brick, plastic/castable refractory , plibrico; insulation, cladding.

- Safety v/vs, boiler mountings, boiler pumps, feed water level controls, soot blowers,

- Parts for various burners, electrical components and control panels

“BOILERMAN” operates 24/7 and tailor their work process together with each customer to ensure a smooth cooperation.

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