Qingdao Oceangreat Shipping Co. Ltd “OGS”, a privately owned company in Qingdao, north China, is one of the leading companies in providing shiprepair and inspection services, dealing also with marine parts and material supplies. OGS consists of Business Department, Technical Development Department, Marine Engineering Department and is equipped with a team of managers and service engineers who have vast professional experience in working with shipyards for many years. Besides, it has built a very good business relationship with many shipyards as well as set up a good purchasing and supplying network with many factories and second-hand marketplaces. As a result it can provide various repair work either in the dock or in the voyage and supply all kinds of marine parts and materials which customers needed.

Qingdao Oceangreat Shipping Co. Ltd “OGS” seeks global development on the basis of seizingChina’s domestic market first. Based on a rich technical force and applying advanced methods, OGS has established good business relationship with many foreign shipping companies successfully. With the aim of adopting themselves in the market competition, the company always pay much attention to improving the service level and harmony ability. They are pursuing to provide the best services and to do whatever they can be of assistance to their customers, which greatly ensures their market competition and price.

  • Scope of Business

Ship spare & store supply

  • Spare parts to be fabricated for: air cooler, oil /water cooler, evaporator, oil/water filters, steam condensers, hot water calorifiers, oil/ water heaters
  • Spare parts rubber packing for: hatch covers, air vent, anchor/anchor chain, rigging/wire, mooring rope/valve / pump, life boat/raft, bearings and spares for E/R, etc
  • M/E & Auxiliary Engine spare parts to be reconditioned: piston crown, cylinder cover exh. valve (valve spindle and seat and body)
  • Turbocharge parts, Air compresor parts, Air condition parts.
  • All kinds of motors
  • Deck & engine stores
  • Anodes (Al and Zn)

Inspection and Survey

  • Fire fighting
  • Lifeboat and davit annual inspection/fire years inspection
  • Radio survey
  • Under water inspection and cleaning
  • Lift raft annual inspection
  • S_VDR
  • All kinds of gas detectors calibrate
  • Automation Service

The company is able to provide all kinds of service to the shipyard and ship owners during the dry-docking repair of the vessels, especially for automation systems:

Automation control system (electrical/electronic/pneumatic/hydraulic control system, etc):

  1. Main/Aux engine/monitoring alarm system
  2. Main/Aux engine Pneumatic remote control system
  3. Boiler Auto control system
  4. Main switch board and ACB
  5. Electrical motor/generator to be rewinded
  6. Servicing Main engine oil mist and oily water separator
  7. Temperature controller for all E/R

Service deck machinery control system:

  1. Hydraulic cranes
  2. Electrical crane.
  3. Windlass/Mooring winches
  4. Servicing Auto pilot/telegraph/smoke fire detection system
  5. Servicing refrigerator/air condition
  6. Servicing cargo tank level gauging system/duck keel ballast/bilge control system/draft gauge system
  • Navigation System

Servicing and supply/installation all kind of navigation equipment.(including Radar, Echo sounder, Speed log, Anemometer, GPS, Gyro compass/Magnetic compass, S-VDR, Public address system.

  • Voyage Repair

The company is able to provide voyage repair at most of the major parts inChina, as follows:

  1. NorthChina-Dalian, Bayuquan,Jinzhou,Qinhuangdao, Jingtang, Caofidian, Tianjinxingang, Yantai,Qingdao, Rizhao, Lanshan, etc.
  2. MiddleChina–Lianyungang,Nantong, Jiangyin, Zhangjiagang,Changzhou, Changshu,Yangzhou,Nanjing,Zhenjiang,Shanghai,Ningbobeilun, Zhoushan ports etc.
  3. South China –Xiamen, Shenzhen,Changzhou,Zhanjiang, Guangxi, Behai, Fangcheng, Qinzhou ports etc.
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