CROSSCOMAR - Ship Repair & Marine Services - Algeciras & Tangier
CROSSCOMAR - Ship Repair & Marine Services - Algeciras & Tangier

CROSSCOMAR S.L. is an internationally managed and reputable ship repair & marine service company dedicated to offer an integral repair services, with its premises at Algeciras & Tangier Med. Its well experienced workforce is ready for immediate mobilization and completes the works when ships are at anchorage, alongside or on voyage reducing off-hire cost and the other expenses incurred at shipyards. The company has excellent connections with local workshops, shipyards and suppliers and can provide immediate specialized assistance. CROSSCOMAR S.L. is certified with ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 14001/2004 standards.

Crosscomar at Algeciras Port

  • Network based on more than 20 years experience in this area - Service in 24-h basis
  • Extraordinaire geostrategic location at the crossroads of the main shipping routes
  • Steady increase of stops and one of the most used “hub” platforms
  • Wide connection network with the main ports of the world
  • Great international reference in the commercial shipping traffic

Crosscomar at Tanger Med Port

  • The only Ship Repair Company in TANGER MED
  • European Technical knowledge and expertise
  • Exceptional Location at the crossroad between the Mediterranean andAtlantic
  • Above average growth
  • Global platform for both business transhipment and Import-Export
  • Direct access to major shipping lines east/west with “zero deviation” for ships


CROSSCOMAR S.L. provides all kind of repair services in all Spanish ports either at anchorage, alongside the pier or during voyage, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. It covers the following fields of services:

Hull:  Repairs / renewals of steel, ballast, hatch, load test of cranes & derricks, steel repairs in cargo, winches repairs, repairs of hydraulics

Engines: Repairs of engines and boilers, grinding of crankshafts, new machinery, refrigeration systems, retubing of boilers and heat exchanges

Chris Marine equipment (in house):  For valve spindle grinding, honing of cylinder liners, valve seat grinding, and surface grinding machine

Blasting & Painting : Upgrading works on deck, in holds, in port, yard or voyage, carrying out coating and painting, hp water jetting and grit blasting

Electrical & Automation : General electric repairs, rewinding of motors & generators, O.D.M sales, service & maintenance, repair & control of automation for boilers & Main Engines

Underwater – Diving Repair works: Hullcleaning, blanking of sea chest, propeller polishing & cropping, surveys-CCTV video, photographic and visual, welding repairs to class specifications

Anchors & chains: With their own workboat they can dismount old or damaged chains and anchors and mount new ones, with the vessel anchored atAlgecirasbay orGibraltar

  • Total FRS care:

Fire fighting equipment Fire hoses & couplings Live saving Emergency showers Oxygen resuscitators Life rafts and MOB boats Portable & fixed gas detection systems Dragged gas detection tubes Breathing & escape apparatus Air lines systems Protective clothing Total port care services Airline systems

  • M/V Kjella is the workboat, based in Algeciras and capable of transport of men and material, ship-to-ship transfer support craft, store supply, diving support, gas purging and availability of a mobile crane on deck. The workboat can be at services 24 a day, 365 days a year, in Algeciras or anywhere is needed across the strait of Gibraltar.
  • Crosscomar Turbocharger service, called Turbo Crosscomar, will be able to service, balance, micro-blast and repair T/C, within his areas of action.
  • Crosscomar’s afloat ship repair company in Tanger-Med, called Crosscomar Tanger Mediterranee, will be developing the same range of activities in Tangier or anywhere in Morocco
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