Viktor Lenac Shipyard
Viktor Lenac Shipyard

Viktor Lenac Shipyard is one of the leading shipyards for ship repair, conversion and offshore projects in the Adriatic Sea /Mediterranean. The shipyard was founded in 1896 with a long tradition on ship repairs & conversions and was among the first in the world to have undertaken ship – lengthening. It possesses three (3) floating docks, more than1,000 meters of berthing spaces, a large offshore constructions site and highly skilled personnel in all sectors. Viktor Lenac Shipyard nowadays is a modern enterprise capable to undertake and complete the most complex projects on short deadlines and up to highest standards.

Ship repairs are the core business of Viktor Lenac Shipyard with a capacity of more than 60 vessels per year of all types, i.e. tankers (up to suezmax), container vessels, bulk carriers, LPGs. The shipyard is able to provide the whole range of services – from standard drydocking and extensive steel repairs to specialized works on propulsion and electrical systems.

Shiprepair activities

  • Drydock works
  • Steel works
  • Pipe works
  • Mechanical works
  • Tank coating
  • Electrical & electronic works
  • Insulation works
  • Carpentry works
  • Boiler works
  • Aluminium repairs
  • Slop and sludge removal and disposal
  • Tank cleaning
  • Anti-corrosion treatment
  • Precise machining in situ
  • Simplex seals renewal
  • Chockfast Orange foundation systems


  • Total berth space inside the bay:1,100 meters
  • All berths are equipped with shore cranes, having maximum lifting capacity of 100 tons
  • Offshore construction area: 130,000 sq.meters
  • Berthing space alongside offshore construction area:300 meters
Type Length [m] Breadth [m] DWT Capacity [Tons] Lifting Capacity [Tons] Crane [Tons] Notes
Dock 11 261.7 53.0 m (inner) - 40,000 2x18T, 1x25T -
Dock 5 201.5 33.8 m (inner) - 19,000 2x15T -
Dock RI-38 155.5 24.5 m (inner) - 8,500 1x5T, 1x7.5T -
Shipyard Location
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