MSR Gryfia S.A
MSR Gryfia S.A

Morska Stocznia Remontowa Gryfia S.A. abbrev. “MSR Gryfia S.A” belongs to a group of the best-known ship repair yards inPoland and abroad, being created as a result of the merger of two West Pomeranian plants, which have operated as one company since September of 2013. The Yard possesses two production plants, inSzczecin and Swinoujscie, respectively. The beginning of the activity of Szczecin-based Yard dates back to early 1950’s. Our principals offer services in terms of repairs and newbuildings. They can carry out damage repairs and class inspection of ships. For more than 15 years, the Yard has also been a producer of “Offshore” steel structures.

MSR Gryfia S.A. has got rich technical facilities which make it possible to perform extensive repairs of both big commercial ships and passenger ferries as well as specialised, multitasking ships. Thanks to the Yard’s location at the heart ofEurope, close proximity to the main transport routes overland and to the important shipping lines as well as well-maintained infrastructure, both companies are a good partner in repairing ships.

Szczecin-based Yard

Is a versatile and well-equipped company that offers full service of sea ships of all types and sizes, including panamaxes. Situated at the harbour, at the heart of the booming industrial zone and close to the crossroads of the main international roads, the Yard is a perfect place in which to carry out all projects related to sea economy.

Swinoujscie-based Yard

It is situated immediately at the entrance of the open sea, thanks to which it constitutes a favourable location for all owners who want to reduce commencement of a ship’s repair as much as possible. Production halls and vast mounting squares are additionally adapted for the prefabrication and installation of large-sized structures intended for clients from the offshore industry. Both premises are close to the border withGermanyand therefore it is easy to transport spare parts from suppliers inWestern Europeand enables dedicated service technicians to reach their destination quickly. In case of producing steel structures, it is convenient to transport ready modules to the main markets inWestern Europe.

Throughout all the years of its existence, MSR Gryfia S.A. raised its reputation by enriching fixed assets, technological potential and increasing the staff qualifications, and the quality of work.Szczecin repair yard became famous inPoland and abroad, as the solid and responsible contractor, able to cope with the most difficult technical challenges in the area of repair, building or rebuilding of ships.

Available Shipyards
  • MSR Gryfia Shipyard - Szczecin (Poland)
  • MSR Gryfia Shipyard - Swinoujscie (Poland)
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