DESAN Shipyard
DESAN Shipyard

DESAN SHIPYARD is one of the most experienced yards in Tuzla Bay, for ship repairs, new buildings & conversions of any type of vessels. The company started business in 1970 at the Golden Horn/Istanbul and in 1982 moved toTuzla Bay, the center of the Turkish ship repair & ship building industry. DESAN Shipyard, a subsidiary of Kaptanoglu Holding, is a dynamic player in the ship building and ship repair field with a capacity to give the most suitable answer to overall requirements no matter the size of the projects. Shipyard’s infrastructure has been adequately and professionally determined to satisfy the specific needs of any scheduled or emergency repair, in dry-dock or afloat, under standards certified by the most important classification societies of the world.

In a highly competitive international market, the necessity to optimize terms and minimize costs of the executed repair works, while ensuring the highest quality of services, is assured through shipyard’s efficient management system. The Shipyard is well organized for prompt execution of steel renewals, reaching a productivity of up to 10 ton / day and its steel workshop is equipped with a wide range of fixed machinery of latest technology. In addition yard has a20.000 m²production area and closed workshop area where 300 ton head cranes are available.

DESAN SHIPYARD is fully equipped with all of the necessary workshops and facilities to carry out a wide range of repairs and conversions, as well as a superior ability for machinery maintenance and repairs, including reconditioning of components, overhauling of main and auxiliary engines of various types, etc.

The shipyard possesses the equipment and has the capability to carry out repairs of: boilers, coolers, condensers, pumps, compressors, fans, separators, propulsion gear (Tail Shaft –Reduction Gear –Steering Gear- Rudder- Propeller), winches, cargo cranes, cargo-handling gear renewal and repair, Refrigerator system and equipment repair.

Type Length [m] Breadth [m] DWT Capacity [Tons]

Designed Lifting Capacity

Crane [Tons] Notes
Floating Dock 1 234.0 41.0 (inner) - 49,000 SWL : 15 Tons x 2 -
Floating Dock 2 177.0 27.0 (inner) - 19,000 SWL : 10 Tons x 2 -
Floating Dock 3 145.0 25.0 (inner) - 8,500 SWL : 5 Tons x 2 -
Wharf Length [m] Capacity [Tons] Cranes [Tons] Notes
Berth 1 65.0 -

Gantry Cranes:

2 x 100T

1 x 30T

2 x 12T

1 x 10T

Portal Crane: 2 x (1x20T)

Jib Crane: 2 x 50T

Mobile Crane: 1 x 50T
Berth 2 175.0 -
Berth 3 225.0 -
Pier 850 -
Shipyard Location
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