Tandanor Shipyard
Tandanor Shipyard

TANDANOR has a strategic location within the port area of the city of Buenos Aires. On the South Channel, at the River Plate Estuary, only access to the Hidrovia formed by the rivers, Paraguay, Parana and de la Plata, along which we find ports fit for oceanic vessels operations.
Northward, already on the Atlantic coast, we have the main Brazilian ports, and Southward, the most important commercial and tourist ports of Argentine Patagonia.

It is one of the largest Shiprepair yards in South America, with more than 100 years of experience in the complete range of ship repairs and conversions.

TANDANOR currently performs its activity at the so called East Basin Plant with a surface of 21 hectares where the SYNCROLIFT system is placed. East Basin is located within Buenos Aires port.

  • 1.400 mt. of wharfage available.
  • Floating cranes.
  • Mobile cranes.
  • Water and electric current provision.
  • Offices for owner’s representatives.
  • Customs assistance.

For the SYNCROLIFT properly, over 1.500 lineal metres of pretensed beams with a volume of 2.350 cubic metres were produced. Total volume of the superstructure is estimated at 6.600 cubic metres.


  • 15.000 tons of lifting capacity.
  • 11.700 tons of transfer capacity.
  • Vessels up to 55.000 tons. DWT (L.About 220 Mt.)
  • Size of lifting platform: 184 Mt. x 32,90 Mt.
  • Four working sites of 220, 178, 149 and 148 Mt.
Type Length [m] Breadth [m] DWT Capacity [Tons] Lifting Capacity [Tons]
Syncrolift 184 32.9 Up to 55,000 15,000
Shipyard Location
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