Cosco Shipyard Total Automation Co. Ltd.
Cosco Shipyard Total Automation Co. Ltd.

COSCO SHIPYARD TOTAL AUTOMATION CO. LTD. was established in early 2005 and is a join venture set up by Cosco Shipyard Group & Total Automation Ltd. of Singapore, with the mission to be a leading provider of Control, instrumentation and Automation services for Marine, Offshore, petrochemicals and processing industries.

L. Zambounis & Associates Co. Ltd has been appointed as the exclusive agent of COSCO SHIPYARD TOTAL AUTOMATION CO. LTD., in Greece authorized to negotiate any project concerning repair or integration of existing systems and installation of new systems, etc., in the area of China.

Cosco Shipyard Total Automation Co. Ltd., is based at Nantong, China, however, in order to provide efficient services, four (4) operational branches have been set up at : Shanghai - Dalian - Zhoushan and Guangzhou.

In order to meet the requirements of world-wide customers, the company is offering comprehensive instrumentation, electrical service capabilities for all type of vessels, which require repair in the Shipyards, in the anchorage or voyage repairs during cargo loading/unloading procedures.

Work scope :

Engine room

  • Main Engine - remote control safety system (electric & pneumatic - checking, repairs, supply & modification).
  • Generator auto-control system & Ship power station (checking, repairs & upgrade)
  • Alarm system & monitor system (checking, repairs, supply & upgrade).
  • Boiler ACC and BMS control (checking & repairs)
  • Oily water separator alarm and control system
  • Temperature controller and pneumatic controller (checking, repairs & supply)
  • Inert Gas Control Systems (checking & repairs)
  • Purifier Control Systems (checking & repairs)


  • Level measuring system (electric & pneumatic checking, repairs, supply & modification)
  • Overfill Alarm System (electric & pneumatic checking, repairs, supply & modification)
  • Draft system (checking, repairs & supply)
  • Oily Water Separator Control System (checking, annual service, repairs & supply)
  • Hydraulic Control System (supply, installation & repairs)
  • Gas Detectors (checking, repairs, calibration & supply)


  • Auto-pilot & follow up control System (checking & repairs)
  • Speed-logs & Eco Sounders (checking, repairs & supply)
  • Gyro-compass (Annual service & repairs)
  • S-VDR & VDR Systems (supply & installation)


  • Electric meters & probes (checking, repairs, calibration & supply)
  • Gauges (checking, repairs, calibration & supply)
  • Portable Gas Detectors (checking, repairs, calibration & supply)

Total Service :

The company provides complete solutions effectively and efficiently to meet the full spectrum of customers' requirements.

  • Design & implementation of new systems
  • Project management
  • Turn-key projects
  • System integration
  • Technical sales / system engineering
  • Third party inspection
  • Instruments testing & calibration
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Maintenance & repair services

Total Expertise :

With over than 800 technical staff in the whole group, qualified in pneumatic, electrical, electronic, hydraulic & mechanical systems and equipment.

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