Shanghai Greens Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. - SGME
Shanghai Greens Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. - SGME

The technical personnel are qualified & well experienced to all kind of marine boiler repairs for Exhaust Gas, Auxiliary, composite & main propulsion boilers.

Boiler inspections:

  • Boiler condition survey.
  • Boiler tube fibro optic scope inspection.
  • Service agreement for regular inspection, maintenance & reporting on boiler conditions.
  • Estimation cost of boiler repairs.
  • Boiler commissioning & trouble shooting/fault diagnosis.

Boiler repairs include:

  • Boiler retubing.
  • Boiler pressure parts replacement.
  • Boiler upgrading and complete replacement.
  • High temperature refractory works, gunning (PLIBRICO available).
  • Special welding on alloy material.
  • Boiler chemical cleaning.
  • Supervision of boiler repairs with local labor.

Boiler Engineering & Technical Support:

SGME is a main boiler supplier and can provide boiler Engineering & Technical support including:

  • Full boiler & associated system design
  • Program for the extension of boiler's life & recommendations for boiler condition
  • Upgrading of boiler controls & automation
  • Work teams operating 24 hours for 7 days
  • 24 hours emergency repair services, supervisors & repair teams available
  • Repairs for complete range of marine Auxiliary boiler, EGE, composite boiler, from high to low pressure
  • Repairs in Shipyard or in any location
  • All classification societies & standards catered for
  • All repair teams are well - trained, class certified with ample of experience.
  • Riding squad is available from UK office to travel throughout the world.

Spare parts:

All spare parts are class inspected & class certificate is issued. Over 100 tons of boiler tubes & plates with all sizes are in stock. SGME is offering minimum one (1) year guarantee for all the spare parts.

SGME has been accredited to ISO 9001:2000 by GL in 2006 and the products of the company are manufactured in accordance with : Lloyd's Register, Germanischer Lloyd, DNV, ABS, BV, KR Register, RINA & Chinese Classification societies.

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