Dormac (Pty) Ltd.
Dormac (Pty) Ltd.

DORMAC MARINE & ENGINEERINGis a dynamic combination of energy, experience and traditional business values and a solid performance history dating back to 1903. The company provides ship owners and operators with a full spectrum of ship repair services and facilities, which are of the highest international standards. It is a black economic empowered company and operates both nationally and internationally under the direction of majority shareholders.

DORMAC MARINE & ENGINEERINGhas a trade record of offering complex and successful solutions to vessels in distress using their experienced and innovative repair managers and dive teams. Dormac also offers a wide range of specialized engineering services to industrial clients. These include amongst the others, heavy machining, steel and pipe fabrication. The company's head office is situated in Bayhead, Durban with branches in Richards Bay, Cape Town and Saldanha Bay.


The Port of Durban is situated on the East coast of Africa, 680 nautical miles north-east of Cape Agulhas. DORMAC utilizes the National Port Authority's facilities in conjunction with its ship repair services. The Port of Durban is equipped to handle ship repairs at the Prince Edward Graving Dock, which can be divided into two separate compartments as well as on a floating dock at Bayhead, while small craft can be repaired on the slipway.



Prince Edward Graving Dock:

  • Overall docking length: 352,04 m
  • Length on keel blocks: 327,66 m
  • Length on bottom: 352,04 m
  • Width at entrance on top: 33,52 m
  • Inner dock: 138,68 m
  • Outer dock: 206,9 m
  • Depth at entrance: 11 m

The Prince Edward Graving dock can be divided into two compartments of 206,9m and 138,68m. The graving dock can be emptied in four hours. Five electric cranes service this dock with capacities ranging from 1 x 50t with a 10t attached, 1 x 24t, 1 x 15t, 1 x 10t, 2 x 8t.


The floating dock has a lifting capacity of 4500 tons and has 2 electric cranes capable of traveling the full length of the starboard and port side of the dock.

  • Overall length: 100 m
  • Length on keel blocks: 95 m
  • Length on bottom: 100 m
  • Overall Width: 21.6 m
  • Width at entrance: 22 m
  • Height on keel blocks: 1.4 m
  • Draft on keel blocks at MHWS: 6 m

Dormac Repair Quay :

  • Length of quay, 195m.
  • Capacity with use of mooring buoy to accommodate panamax vessels up to 250m.
  • Draft 8m.
  • Liebherr quayside crane with 50t lifting capacity at 30m and 15 ton lifting capacity at 50m.
  • Quay is serviced by shore power, freshwater, firewater and compressed air.
  • Hatch repair yard can accommodate up to thirty seven, 30 ton hatch covers.

New Builds

DORMAC (New) Build is a Strategic Business Unit created to exploit the demand from international ship and local owners for niche or tonnage vessels, specifically, double hulled bunker barges, harbour, pusher tugs and dumb barges.

This opportunity is the result of an increase in ship building activity internationally, which is exceeding available capacity. Subsequently the majority of ship building yards are turning away orders for building smaller vessels allowing greater focus on larger capacity vessels.

DORMAC (New) Build, as a consequence of its historical new building experience and infrastructure, can construct complete vessels or modify/convert existing vessels to a client's specification and design or from specification only, utilising external design capability.

Construction projects are currently managed by a dedicated new building team comprising engineers, planners, estimators, quality controllers, all utilising internal fabrication skills and a very adequate yard infrastructure.

DORMAC has invested heavily in infrastructure for new builds including upgrading gantry cranes and grillage areas with the latest state of the art welding equipment.


DORMAC Cape Town and DORMACSaldanha Bay are strategically positioned close to the entrances of these main Ports.

The entire spectrum of repairs including cofferdam projects, are part of the daily services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The West Coast of Africa is a major hub for oil exploration. DORMAC Cape Town and DORMACSaldanha Bay have over the last 2 years, been involved with numerous repairs to drill rigs, semi submersible mobile offshore drilling units, offshore supply vessels, research vessels, anchor handling tugs, general cargo vessels, container ships, tankers, passenger liners and harbour tugs.

The proximity of Cape Town and Saldanha Bay to both the East and West Coast oil fields has resulted in these ports becoming a haven for repairs which are safely completed in these two Ports.

Repairs to Container vessels, Cargo ships, passenger liners, offshore mining vessels and Navy ships have been an every day service, who again and again returns to utilize DORMAC Cape Town and DORMACSaldanha Bay.

The covered fabrication shops with 10 & 5 ton overhead cranes and our "take out" yards allows DORMAC Cape Town and DORMACSaldanha Bay to facilitate the reconditioning of main engine and auxiliary engine parts, jig & assembly of heavy duty schedule piping, cofferdams, overhauling of sea water valves, hydraulic cylinders and rams as well as steel fabrication.

Dry Docks (National Port Authority Facilities)

Sturrock Graving Dock
Overall docking length: 360 m
Length of dock floor: 350,04 m
Width at entrance (top): 45,1 m
Width at bottom (dock floor): 38,4 m
Depth over entrance sill: 13,7 m
Depth: 14,0 m

The dock can be divided into two compartments: 132, 5 m and 216, 1 m or 205, 7 m and 142, 9 m

Robinson Graving Dock
Overall docking length: 161,2 m
Length of dock floor: 152,4 m
Width at entrance (top): 20,7 m
Width at bottom (dock floor): 17,2 m
Entrance over sill: 7,9 m

For vessels up to 1.806 tons
Maximum length of vessel 61 m
Maximum width of vessel 15 m
2 x 70 meter lanes
1 x 55 meter lane
2 x 75 meter lanes

Repair Quay:Length 456 meters, landing wall 548 meters - Cranage is 4 ton


Richards Bay is situated 160 km northeast of Durban. The Port of Richards Bay currently occupies 2,157 ha of land area, 1,495 ha of water area and has the potential to expand whenever required. The Port currently has 21 operational berths in service.

The Port currently has no ship repair facilities, however a large facility is being planned and a dry or floating dock is under consideration. Ship repair is undertaken on the quayside and has to be coordinated and planned with vessels staying berthed alongside.

This been said, Dormac Richards Bay, strives to supply a full and efficient service in the Industrial and Marine fields. The backbone of this branch is the unified spirit of its staff and management, whose highly competitive and motivated nature allows them to provide a highly efficient and professional service in both fields. As mentioned earlier, ship repairs are coordinated and planned around a vessel's stay in Port, however, there are occasions when emergency repairs are required. The Port will allocate an available berth to carry out these repairs. Although, the port lacks a dedicated repair quay, dry or floating Dock, Dormac is still able to offer the following marine services:

  • fitting
  • electrical & mechanical works
  • steel works
  • fabrication
  • AC & reefer plant repairs
  • Spare parts
  • Cofferdam repairs
  • Underwater services
  • Main engine repairs
  • Engine room & tank cleaning


  • bulkhead renewals
  • hatch cover repairs
  • cranes' repairs
  • fabrication & installation of access ladders & platforms
  • overhauling & rewinding of motors

As the Port of Richards Bay expands and develops further over the next few years, potentially developing into one of the world's busiest bulk loading ports, at Dormac Richards Bay are looking to expand their services to match its growth and expansion.


Situated in Walvis Bay, DORMAC Marine and Engineering Namibia (Pty) Ltd was established in 2009 due to the growing demand from many of DORMAC’s existing clients.

DORMAC together with a progressive Port Administrator (NAMPORT) embarked on a program to establish a Namibian registered Company in Walvis Bay. Traditionally, DORMAC has sent travelling squads to this region to assist with ship repair activity when the local resource pool had been exhausted. The repetitive nature of these requirements led the Directors to establish a branch in Walvis Bay. Not only bringing significant Ship Repair projects and experience to the region, but to provide the local work force with training and skills to better serve this growing industry. The West Coast of Africa is a major hub for oil exploration.

DORMAC Cape Town and DORMAC Saldanha Bay have over the past 4 years, been involved with numerous repairs to drill rigs, semi submersible mobile offshore drilling units, offshore supply vessels, research vessels, anchor handling tugs, general cargo vessels, container ships, tankers, passenger liners and harbour tugs. It is this experience that DORMAC is bringing to Walvis Bay.


  • Namport Repair Quay - 4 quays, 80m each
  • Draft 8m
  • Mobile cranes available up to 90t capacity
  • Quay is serviced by shore power, freshwater, firewater and compressed air

Namport operates the following:

  • Ship repair facilities
  • Synchrolift - The Synchrolift can lift vessels up to 2,000t (displacement, 80m in length overall, and 12m in width). On average, the Synchrolift handles about 50 vessels per month.
  • A new 13m underhook workshop is in the process of plan approval and will be fitted with 2 by 25t gantry cranes.


  1. Fitting: General dry-docking services and afloat repairs.
    Tailshaft surveys.
  2. Overhaul of: Pumps, Winches, Valves, Derricks, Scheaves, General repairs according to special survey requirements.
  3. Machining: DORMAC’s adherence to ISO 9001 and manufacturers specifications has ensured that our workshop is able to accommodate and successfully complete works in accordance with the pecifications provided.
  4. Experienced artisans under the guidance of our well qualified engineering managers, man the workshops, enabling both high quality and prompt delivery hours per day. Machining capacities are unmatched in Southern Africa with the resources from all branches available at immediate notice.

Steel Work

Internationally competitive rates, Class approved material, coded and skilled welders’ and 24-hour operations. The steel division offers a host of repairing and manufacturing procedures. Contracted jobs are completed in the period allowed with attention to quality and customer satisfaction. DORMAC provides competitive steel rates with classification approved materials and procedures. The steel division is able to equip and manage numerous welders on a 24-hour basis and has available a complement of manufacturing and repair apparatus at its disposal, including the following: Plasma cutters, Acetylene, oxygen gas cutting equipment and a full range of application specific welding machines are available. A full compliment of welding consumables and a comprehensive stock of steel plates, profiles and piping is kept.


Fabrication from ferrous or non-ferrous parts or complete assemblies are quoted on and manufactured on a 24-hour basis. We also have large open areas available in Walvis Bay which can be used for laying out and fabricating of large constructions.

Dry Docking

DORMAC – Namibia utilises the Namibian Port Authority's facilities in conjunction with its ship repair services. The Namibian Ports Authority operates the following ship repair facilities in the Port of Walvis Bay: Walvis Bay Synchrolift Maximum length of vessel 80m, Maximum beam 14m, Maximum Draft 5,2m, Maximum displacement 1750t.

…and many other services.

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