Riga Shipyard
Riga Shipyard

“Riga Shipyard” is the largest Shiprepair company in the East Baltic Sea, with an annual capacity of repairs of more than 130 vessels. Established in 1913 and conveniently located just in the Daugava estuary in Baltic Sea, the Shipyard is capable to carry out Drydocking of Panamax size and Afloat repairs of Aframax size vessels.

Shipyard’s wharves are located in one of the Daugava channels and are well protected against winds. Repairs can be carried out during all the year, due to favourable prevailing weather conditions (the waters are practically non-freezing). Also, available water area allows vessels of any type to maneuver and to carry out repair works of any complexity alongside the wharfs and completely equipped repair berths.

“Riga Shipyard” has considerable experience in conversion of different types of vessels, as lengthening, big scope of steelworks, etc. It possesses Shipbuilding facilities, modern design bureau and equipment. It can carry out, between others, mild & special steel works, any type of hatch cover repairs, any type of engine repairs, deck machinery, fabrication of steel structures, works with stainless steel, special steels, repair / retubing of marine boilers, repair of any type main and auxiliary engines, turbo chargers, heat exchangers, deck machinery, etc.

Type Length [m] Breadth [m] DWT Capacity [Tons] Lifting Capacity [Tons] Crane [Tons] Notes
F/D225.736.6-30,0002 x 15-
F/D217.630.5-27,0002 x 15-
F/D132.0 21.5-4,6002 x 5.8-
D/D (Liepaja)215.026.0--1 x 32
1 x 16
D/D (Liepaja)180.028.0--1 x 16
1 x 10
F/D (Liepaja)112.019.0-3,0001 x 5-
Wharf Length [m] Depth [m]
RKR-1 205.0 -5.0
RKR-2 205.0 -5.0
RKR-3 70.0 -6.0
RKR-4 320.0 -6.0
RKR-5 161.2 -6.0
RKR-6 388.0 -7.3
RKR-6a 105.0 -6.0
RKR-7 530.0 -8.5
RKR-8 184.8 -5.5
RKR-9 247.6 -5.5
Shipyard Location
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